Alabaster Kids&Youth theatre is designed to give young people the opportunity to engage in a real stage performance every semester. We are a faith based theatre company that produces both original and mainstream musical theatre. Every semester, our goal is to train, inspire and prepare young performers for the arts industry. Our team is passionate about producing shows with excellence, encouragement and enthusiasm. We believe in the next generation of storytellers being a light in the arts industry and know the power of a good story.


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REGISTRATION DAY: Thursday 18th July



  • DE Students: 1-2pm (AGES 7-18)

  • School Students: 4.30-5.30pm (AGES 7-12)

  • School Students: 5.30-6.30pm (AGES 13-18)

The Semester will run for 14 weeks (not including a two week holiday in September). With our final performance on October 31st.

PAYMENT: $150 per student a Semester. Payment plans will be available over the semester. No upfront payment necessary.

(Costumes for this Semester will be Provided by Parents)

More info will be emailed to you before Semester Two commences.

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