2018 Inspo for Artists


2018 Inspo 

For Artists 

Having an ability to communicate emotions and stories through a medium of song, the written word, colour and movement is what makes one an artist.

We are not crowned artists by what we are payed, who approves of us and how many people hit ‘like’ on our art. We are defined by our passion and persistence to tell stories, express emotion and challenge the world around us. We do not need be expressing the darkness that lays dormant but bringing to life the light and love that this planet needs.

Everybody has a decision with the skills the good Lord gave. To use them for good or to use them for selfish gain. Every time we open our mouth, open our laptop, turn on the amp and start a fresh canvas, we have a decision to make. What am I going to create? In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and it was good. the decision is easy, create something good. We are made in his image to be like him and in him is the ultimate source of good ideas and creativity. This year I beseech you to use your artistry to serve, to love and to create goodness, kindness and to carry a message of hope. The world needs it, the world needs you.