Meet Essie

Behind every Alabaster production there is a team of hardworking people doing above and beyond to make things happen. Every now and then in this blog, we will be featuring them! This is to help our followers get to know us better. One of these people is Essie. Essie has been working with Alabaster from the start and we don’t know what we would do without her!

Advertising, fundraising, location scouting, sound and lighting, venue hire, crowd control, backstage, liaising and assisting, is only a small part of what Essie does. Essie has a lot of experience working in events! If you looked for her during a production, chances are you’d see her running around talking to someone in a headset, helping someone put a microphone on, fixing the set, handing a cast member a prop, problem-solving a seating requirement for someone in the audience and making sure the smoke machine works...all at the same time!

Essie also helps with hair and makeup and has been involved in acting and dancing in some Alabaster shows. Making a production happen takes a lot of work and it means a lot to have someone like Essie on board, who is committed to what Alabaster Theatre does and knows just what needs to be done.

If you see Essie at one of our productions, give her a high five and tell her how awesome she is!