Go For It!

I used to hate eggplant.
If I saw it on someone's plate I'd grimace and think "Yuck! How can people eat that?!" I'd turn up my nose if it was an option on the menu and wouldn't think twice about it.
Then, one day, I tasted it. Yes, that's right, I'd never even tried it before! After years of loathing the vegetable, I tried it and realised that I actually really liked it.

Acting, however, is something I've always loved. My earliest memory was being at puppet shows my parents put on, and being planted in the audience so that when Sammy (one of the puppets) put the pegs in another puppet's hair, I'd jump up and take them off for her. Then there was dressing as Santa and handing out chocolates with my brother (dressed as an elf) at Christmas events. I have had so much fun being involved in all kinds of performances or just playing around with friends for as long as I can remember.

Little Leanne with Sammy and Jenny (Stars from her parents puppet show)

Little Leanne with Sammy and Jenny (Stars from her parents puppet show)

Alabaster Theatre has seen a lot of performers over the years and surprisingly, quite a few have come without any prior experience. Fast forward to the end of the shows and these people have said how much fun they had, and how they never thought they'd ever be involved in that sort of thing.

The thing is, you'll never know how much fun you might have, what people you'll meet, what experiences or what skills you'll gain, if you don't GO FOR IT!
I've hit the wrong notes (loudly and badly), I've said the wrong lines, missed cues and made a fool of myself more times than I can count but, at the end of the day I look back and smile because those were such fun times and I shared them with great people.

If you think you might have something you could bring to Alabaster, come and give it a go! We have exciting things happening and would so love to meet you and have you join in the fun! Go on! Go For It!