When My Prince Came for Me

Mansoul Performance 2013

Mansoul Performance 2013

It was dark and the air was thick with danger and dread. A gang of thieves, thugs, hustlers and evildoers stood in the cobblestoned centre of a city held captive by their leader, Diabolus. Each one prepared to rise up against the king. Diabolus paced back and forth, his grizzled, battle-scarred face contorted into a grotesque mask of greed and hate as he urged the crowd to take up their weapons and rebel.

The angry mob shouted, chanted, shook their fists and let the screams of Diabolus fuel their bloodlust. As they let out a final roar, the gates of the city suddenly burst open and an unseen force sent out a shockwave that had the people flying to the ground where they lay as though dead. A hush fell, then out of the darkness, a figure stepped through the gates…

“Mansoul” is a musical Alabaster Theatre performed in 2012 and 2013 and follows the story of a city turned to destruction by a band of invaders and ultimately rescued by its loving King. As I am writing this, I still get goose bumps, because I was one of the people on stage when Prince Emmanuel came to the city of Mansoul. Although I was playing the part of one of Diabolus’ henchmen, I fought back sobs because the prince had come to save the day and I could feel the change in the atmosphere.

It makes me think about when MY prince came. It wasn’t a one-off event and there were no Disney birds fluttering around. I can’t even remember the first time I encountered him, but time after time he has shown up. Comforted me. Healed me. Protected me.

I was lost and he found me.

I was scared and he comforted me.

I was desolate and he gave me hope.

My Prince- Jesus-has never failed me, and knowing how much he loves me, how much he loves US, takes my breath away.

Mansoul the musical will be returning to the stage in 2017.

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