Mosaic The Musical - Ensemble Auditions

Playing Three shows on the 22nd of December 2018 at the Logan Entertainment Centre - You are invited to Audition. 

Mosaic The Musical - Synopsis 

This is a telling of the Christmas story through the eyes of a brave couple who said yes to an impossible mission. Joseph and Mary embark on a journey that makes them sought out by Kings, followed by angels and a blazing star. Amongst the wonder and mystery there is equal heartache and treachery. Misunderstood by their people yet faithful to carry the hope of a nation. All things broken and beautiful align in Bethlehem for one night only. This is the Christmas story as you have never experienced it before.  

Auditions will be held at our venue in Browns Plains

August 9th Thursday Night. 7-8.30pm

If you are successful in your audition, you will receive an email within a few days.  

Alabaster Theatre has already filled all major roles but are still looking to enlarge our ensemble. Auditions will be held for dancers and singers. We are really excited to meet you and hope to have you involved in Mosaic the Musical. 

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The Characters of Mosaic the Musical 

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Palace Servants

  • Ages 16-30
  • Actors/Dancers


  • Ages 14-40
  • Males&Females
  • Actors/Singers/Dancers


  • Ages 14-40 
  • Males&Females
  • Actors/Singers/Dancers 


  • Ages 18-40
  • Actor/FightChoreo 


  • Ages 18-40
  • Actor/FightChoreo  


  • Tall 
  • Long Hair 
  • Actor